Why Solar Energy?

Solar energy is free and a great way to reduce your dependence on utility power. It also helps the environment, as it is a source of renewable energy and does not leave a footprint on the environment.

Utility supplied electricity, on the other hand, is not renewable and is getting more expensive every year. Most utilities are increasing in cost by 5% and 10% per year. Investing in a solar energy system now will save you money in the long run.

Power Savings

Dumac Engineering solar energy systems reduces the power you need to buy. You can take control of your power bills by providing large percentage of your home’s electrical needs by having our professionals install solar panels. Solar power is clean, lowers your operating costs and increases your home’s value.

There are many homes in Rockhampton using solar electric power systems today. The solar panels feed electricity into homes and the owners use solar electricity first, before spending money on utility power. It’s a reliable, practical way to reduce electrical costs that all home owners can use.

Solar System Requirements

There are certain requirements a house must have to be a candidate for a solar energy system:

  • Your house must be in a location that has clear, unobstructed access to sunlight for most of the day and throughout the year
  • Your roof must be sufficiently sized
  • You must attain all local permits necessary

Paying for Your Solar System

Dumac understands that having a new power system installed in your home is a big investment and not all families can afford to pay for it upfront.

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