Going solar is a big step, but the team at Dumac makes it easy. Our solar system experts help customize a system specific to your needs and budget.

Solar System Consult

Our experts look over your energy expenditure and bills with you, to best understand your usage needs. Our team always provides an estimate and can work out your approximate savings on energy expenses, helping you make the decision to go solar. Our technicians are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Solar Systems for Your Commercial Space

We design systems to perfectly fit your site. No matter your roof size, direction, or level of shade, our team designs the very best solar system for your budget and property. Our team only uses the high-quality, durable materials, so you can enjoy your renewable energy now and for years to come.

Solar System Installation

Our accredited installers make the process quick and painless, from installation to arranging for your bi-directional meter connecting to the grid.

There are many businesses throughput Queensland using solar electric power systems today. The solar panels feed electricity into the building and the owners use solar electricity first, before spending money on utility power. It’s a reliable, practical way to reduce electrical costs that all owners can use.

Solar System Requirements

There are certain requirements a business must have to be a candidate for a solar energy system:

  • Your business must be in a location that has clear, unobstructed access to sunlight for most of the day and throughout the year
  • Your roof must be sufficiently sized
  • You must attain all local permits necessary

The Dumac team is expertly trained, qualified, licensed and insured to carry out your solar installation. For more information about our solar system install services please email through your requirements or call us directly.