Are you having trouble with power, lighting, appliances, or other house features? Dumac has the capacity to help you with all your repair and installation needs.

Ceiling Fan Installations and Repairs

Ceiling fans are a great, less-expensive cooling option compared to air conditioning. They are also a quick and efficient way to add extra lighting or décor to a room. Whether you need a repair or new install, our technicians are ready to assist you.

Circuit Breakers and Fuses And Safety Switches

When your power goes out, it can be hard to know why and how to fix it. Don’t waste time and energy; our professionals can be at your house quickly to solve the problem for you.

Door Bells

Lacking a door bell? We can install a new system, customized to your needs. Hate the look or sound of your existing bell? We can upgrade it and change the look and sound completely.

Loose Wall Switches and Socket Repairs

Over time, light switches and sockets can come loose and pose a danger to your family. Never attempt to fix electrical wiring on your own; our professionals will come help and ensure the safety of you and your family.

Smoke and Fire Detectors

Certain appliances in your home can be hard to access – including smoke and fire detectors. Our technicians can install new systems or upgrade your existing detectors. Buying a new home? Let our professionals inspect your systems before you purchase.

Light Fixture Installation and Repair

One of the easiest, fastest ways to upgrade the look of your home and boost its value is by installing or upgrading your lighting.

Dimmers, Timers and Motion Detectors

Add a bit of luxury to your home with precise dimmers, timers and motion detectors. This increased functionality adds security and energy-efficiency to your home operations.

For more information about our repair and install services, please view our projects or contact us directly.