Ready for your first air conditioning system? Or has your old system retired and you need a brand new one installed?

The specialists at Dumac Engineering respect every house they enter and give clients their full professional attention. Dumac technicians are different from other air conditioner professionals in Rockhampton, as they take the time to truly listen and understand a client’s concerns and needs. You will always feel respected, as we pride ourselves on top customer service, whatever your air conditioning needs.

Dumac Engineering specializes in air conditioning installation of the following types of units:

  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Split system air conditioning
  • Multi-split system air conditioning
  • Commercial air conditioning

Replacing an Old Air Conditioning System

Dumac Engineering takes care of everything with a replacement AC system. We decommission and remove your old unit, install and test your new unit and leave your house as clean as can be. Don’t fuss and waste time trying to get rid of an old unit yourself – it can be dangerous unless you are professionally trained, like our technicians.

Healthy, clean and cool air is always important, no matter the season. Our staff can set you up completely, including scheduled maintenance services that save you money in the long term. There is no better team to do your air conditioning installation than Dumac Engineering.

Air conditioners are an investment. Dumac respects that and ensures your unit is set up correctly. We warn clients against using an amateur installer. There are many dangers of using an untrained or under-qualified installer don’t risk you warranty with an unlicensed installer.