Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs in Rockhampton

Air conditioner breakdowns are never planned, so we have fully stocked service vehicles ready to help you.

Our rapid dispatch service guarantees a professional technician can be at your door within a matter of hours. Our highly-trained staff will be able to find a solution to help you and your family cool down.

Air Conditioner Warning Signs

Don’t ignore important AC unit warning signs – you’ll be left stranded in the heat when you need cooling the most. If any of the following apply to your system, give us a call so you don’t have to deal with a breakdown emergency later down the road.

  • Is your AC unit noisier than normal? Does it rattle? Does it make gasping noises?
  • Is it less powerful than it used to be?
  • Does it suddenly cut out from time to time?
  • Does it give off an odd odour?
  • Is your energy bill more expensive than normal?

You can always try our expert air conditioner troubleshooting tips before calling us. If our tips don’t help you, don’t delay any longer and book a service call with our staff. Remember, even expertly installed air conditioning systems and high quality products experience hiccups along the way.

Air Conditioning Repair Process

Whether a scheduled service or an emergency repair call, a Dumac technician will come to assess the problem. Our technician will ask you several questions and inspect your AC system. Once our professional has found the culprit that caused your breakdown, you will be quoted a fee for fixing it. You always have the option of saying no or getting a second opinion, if you wish.

Ready for your first air conditioning system? Or has your old system retired and you need a brand new one installed?

The specialists at Dumac Engineering respect every house they enter and give clients their full professional attention. Dumac technicians are different from other air conditioner professionals in Rockhampton, as they take the time to truly listen and understand a client’s concerns and needs. You will always feel respected, as we pride ourselves on top customer service, whatever your air conditioning needs.

Dumac Engineering specializes in air conditioning installation of the following types of units:

  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Split system air conditioning
  • Multi-split system air conditioning
  • Commercial air conditioning

Replacing an Old Air Conditioning System

Dumac Engineering takes care of everything with a replacement AC system. We decommission and remove your old unit, install and test your new unit and leave your house as clean as can be. Don’t fuss and waste time trying to get rid of an old unit yourself – it can be dangerous unless you are professionally trained, like our technicians.

Healthy, clean and cool air is always important, no matter the season. Our staff can set you up completely, including scheduled maintenance services that save you money in the long term. There is no better team to do your air conditioning installation than Dumac Engineering.

Air conditioners are an investment. Dumac respects that and ensures your unit is set up correctly. We warn clients against using an amateur installer. There are many dangers of using an untrained or under-qualified installer don’t risk you warranty with an unlicensed installer.

There’s no better place to buy your new air conditioner. Our experts will help you find a unit that fits your exact needs and budget. Our team will install your unit, set up routine maintenance and be on call if you ever need emergency repairs. We offer full-service air conditioning services, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of your air or the temperature of your environment.

Full Air Conditioner Packages

Dumac is a one-stop shop for air conditioners. Why go to one place to buy an air conditioner unit, another for installation and yet another for repairs and maintenance? Dumac can help you with all the above and conveniently have all your information on file, so whatever technician is assigned to you knows your exact air conditioning history.

Air Conditioner Sales

We can offer our clients the most competitive prices on the most desirable air conditioner and heater brands. You won’t be able to find better price in Rockhampton for an air conditioner and installation.

Dumac sells the following brands of air conditioners:

  • Panasonic
  • Fujitsu
  • Mitsubishi
  • Kelvinator
  • LG

The best part of purchasing an air conditioner with Dumac is the fact that our technicians know these units inside and out. We will open a file on your AC system and keep records from installation to maintenance calls, so we will always know what your system needs to be running smoothly and efficiently.

Old Air Conditioners

Is your old air conditioner still installed? Don’t worry – our technicians are trained to safely and effectively dismantle and remove existing systems. In one swift trip your old AC unit will be removed and a brand new one will replace it.